Set everything straight
for your perfect smile

Set everything straight
for your perfect smile

i3D Liner Clear Aligner

I3DLiner is one of the prominent and highly desirable orthodontic devices to help your teeth straighten in aesthetic and precise way. With the evolution of modern technologies, 3D representation and procedures, I3DLiner offers the benefit of aligning teeth without traditional metal wires or braces. It also offers a chance to visualize your future smile. Fully computerized treatment planning, designing and manufacturing procedures are performed under the supervision of highly skilled Orthodontist and Dental CAD/CAM Expert Team.

Foresee your future smile

Patients can visualize their treatment goals in 3D Visualization prior to using the aligners.

No Pain, Only Gain

The I3D Liner applies slight pressure without causing any discomfort or pain of any sort.

No metals involved

With no braces, there is no poking and no metallic smile.

Easily Removable

It weighs like a feather and can be easily removed for any special occasion or while eating, drinking or brushing teeth.

Certified Materials

Since all the materials used here are FDA approved and Biocompatible, it assures 100% safety to your precious teeth, gums and cheeks.

Virtually Invisible

I3D Liners work as a magic as few will ever notice you're wearing them, a substitute for anyone who doesn't want to deal with traditional braces.

I3D Liner for Doctors

Subimt Order Form

Once we receive the order form, we request you to send an introral scan/putty impression to our physical address


After the receipt of the impression scan, our team plans your case & periodic tooth movement video in 3D animation to the you for review & a consent form for the patient .


Once the plan gets approved by the doctor and you, the aligner will be processed for the simultaneous stages

I3DLiner for Patients

Submit you information in the form below. You will receive a confirmation email, a list of our partner dentists located in your city with their details.

Wear you most beautiful smile